Makeup Removal With Garnier

Two products which I just can't get by without, are eye makeup remover, and micellar water. Eye makeup remover is essential for removing the lashings of thick black mascara that I like to apply on a night out, and micellar water for eradicating every last trace of makeup (and particularly panda eye!).

I have tried countless micellar waters, but the Garnier version has to be up there with my short and sweet list of absolute favourites. It supposedly has the equivalent of 200 uses per bottle, which makes this an absolute bargain to boot. I find that bi-phase eye makeup removers are far more effective, but quite a few that I have tried actually irritate my eyes and skin. Garnier's 2 in 1 Express is brilliant - it doesn't irritate me at all, and doesn't feel greasy to touch. 

In essence, I am a huge fan of Garnier products, and just thought I would share my love for this cheap high street brand which does the job just as well as its more expensive counterparts. 



How to Tackle Glitter Nail Polish

If you like wearing nail polish, and the glitter variety at that, you will no doubt have experienced the complete inconvenience that is the removal of said polish. Glitter polish sticks to the nail like glue, and takes a hell of a lot of effort to remove every last trace. This process can often leave me tearing my hair out, and opting to pick at my nails rather than finding the patience to remove it properly. 

Thanks to eBay, I now have the solution! I have read a great nail hack before which involves using PVA glue as a base coat for your nails, which means that when it is time to remove the glitter polish, you can simply peel the glue away from your nails, and everything comes away at once. However, this fantastic Innisfree base coat does the same thing without the mess of PVA glue, and with much greater ease. It's a fantastic little product which saves me a lot of hassle. You can find similar here



October Favourites

1. The Balm's Mary Lou-Manizer Highlighter
2. Bare Minerals SPF Mineral Foundation
3. The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzer Fair Matte *
4. The Body Shop Colour Crush Eye Shadow Gold Rosemance *
5. Shu Uemura Tsuya Skin *
6. Deborah Milano Terra Lumi-Nature Bronzer *
7. Barry M Lip Stain Shade 1 *
8. Benefit Coralista
9. MUA Matte Palette Ever After



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