My Biggest Blog Pet Peeves

As a blogger myself, I am well aware that we can't please all of the people, all of the time. There will be some things we do that wind other people up, or that turn people away from reading our blogs; everyone has different tastes and wants to read something different. And I am no different - there are certain things that wind me up when I read blogs, and having read similar posts on other people's blogs, I thought I would share my thoughts on the same...
I can't stand when bloggers do not disclose gifted or sponsored content. Nine times out of ten it is completely obvious, especially one a product has been released exclusively to bloggers, everyone else is writing about the same things, and yet some bloggers will not disclose that is is a PR sample. Just no. As soon as I find that a blogger I follow hasn't disclosed, it makes me question their integrity.

Bad spelling and bad grammar really winds me up. Dyslexia I can understand. But when it is the case of not being able to differentiate between 'their', 'they're' and 'there', or 'two' and 'to' (yes, I really did see that one recently), it doesn't exactly take long to google the correct use of each of these words. Obvious spelling mistakes really wind me up too - not only does it look unprofessional, but it's so easy to rectify. Most computers have automatic spell-check built in, and if they don't, blogging platforms also have a spell check - use it! Text speak is something else that makes me instantly turn away from a blog. It's just pure laziness! That and excessive use of 'haha' and 'lol' within a post. I occasionally use a 'ha' here or there, as I try to write how I would speak, but a 'ha' every other word is just not okay!

I don't know if anyone else notices this, but every so often there'll be a post pop up on my Bloglovin' feed with an apology for not blogging, which goes along the lines of: 'I'm so sorry I haven't blogged for a while because of x and y, but don't worry, I will be back soon with a full schedule. Thank you for sticking by me'. First of all, puke. Second of all, chances are that most people aside from your close friends won't have noticed your absence. I for one don't sit at my computer continually refreshing blogs, waiting for them to return from their hiatus and blog for my benefit. It's your blog, if you have to take a break - take a break. Don't feel guilty about it! 

Blogging tips posts are extremely useful, especially when you don't quite understand what SEO is or how to edit your photos. But these days it seems that absolutely everyone is a self-proclaimed blogging expert, and then starts churning out blogging tips posts before they've even hit 50 followers, and it's too much now. There are some great blogs out there specifically for blogging tips, and those are the ones I tend to go to in the first instance.

It really irks me when I see bloggers cite 'Pinterest' as a picture source. I am sure most people are familiar by now with the way Pinterest works - you pin pictures to a board, which allows other people to access them and save them. All of the pictures belong to someone. Citing Pinterest as a source is not giving credit to the original source or photographer. If you find an image on Pinterest to use, you should click through the image to find the original source, and also ask permission from the blogger or website to use that picture yourself. As for editing Pinterest pictures, how would you feel if someone took one of your blog photos and added their own text to it and then didn't give you credit?

I am a real creature of habit, and I have to make sure that the text on all my posts is justified and lines up to edges of my images (at the moment it's out by a cm or two, but I just can't manage to tweak it to fit perfectly). This is what I find easiest to read. So when I go to a blog and the text is centred, I find it so much harder to read! Not only that, but I think it looks a little untidy too. If someone sent you a professional letter in centred text you'd wonder what the hell they were thinking!

If I have found your blog and like reading it, I will want to follow you. If I can't find obvious links to Bloglovin', this makes me sad. Sometimes when I search for blogs within the Bloglovin' page, it doesn't recognise the websites. I would much rather click through a link on your page so that I can be sure to follow you. And if I can't find a way to follow you, chances are that other people can't either.

When I see a product review with the product in amongst a load of background stuff, it makes it difficult to determine which product is actually being talked about. You should never underestimate the power of the built-in photo cropping tool on the computer! I have seen outfit photos before with dirty clothes lying on the floor and it makes me wonder how people can possibly (literally) air their dirty laundry for the world to see. The other thing that drives me insane, is the current trend for taking product photos with flowers in the frame of an aerial photo, with the flowers closer to the lens than the actual product. This to me just obscures the view of the product, and it really irks me. It makes me feel like I'm looking through a hedge trying to find the product! I'm not sure why it bothers me so much, as I'm sure to others it actually looks really nice, but each to their own and all that - maybe I just need to get over it!!

Enough said. I've lost count of the amount of times I have written a lengthy blog comment only for Captcha to basically tell me to piss off. Sometimes the characters that Captcha gives you to identify are so odd-looking that you get it wrong and it's SO frustrating!

I love giveaways. They are great for giving other bloggers a chance at winning something (who doesn't like to win a giveaway?!) and often helps to raise awareness of your blog through collaboration with a brand. However, what I can't get my head around is giveaways aimed at drawing in more followers, only for the blogger to then reach a big milestone, and host another giveaway to celebrate the milestone they have just reached purely because of the initial giveaway. They then meet another milestone, host another giveaway, and on it goes. There is absolutely nothing wrong with giveaways - I'm sure many of us bloggers would accept giveaways on our blog because let's face it, it's difficult to turn down the idea of free stuff, even harder so when it's paid content, and the possibility of more readers is always a rosy one. I have had plenty of giveaways on my own blog for this reason. It's just the giveaway - milestone - giveaway cycle that I don't get.
Well that turned into far more of a rant than I had expected! Do you share any of my peeves? Or even have some of your own? Leave them below, so that I don't feel like a moody old miser by myself!



Glitter is Always an Option

At one stage I couldn't get enough of glitter nail polishes, buying them as if they were going out of fashion. A while later I suddenly thought that glitter at any other time of the year apart from the festive season looked out of place and slightly odd. I have since come to realise, however, that glitter is always an option. Glitter cheers me up. That is, until I have to spend half an hour scrubbing the stuff off my nails. Glitter polish is great - you don't have to worry about smudging your nails or getting a streaky finish, as the nature of glitter means that no one will ever be able to tell. You can top up glitter every couple of days if it chips, and if you're as lazy as me you can just keep recycling the same mani by adding another coat of glitter as and when it chips. That only works until you have so much polish on your finger nails that they're now a good couple of millimetres thicker than they should be! Glitter worn alone can brighten up an otherwise dull or sombre oufit, or an accent nail can add a bit of pizzazz to an otherwise muted mani. It really is great.  If you've got some glitter in your stash, I strongly urge you to add a bit of bling to your nails, it might just make you feel a bit better!



My Little Beauty - Rouge À Lèvres

I just had to share this little beauty - it's not often that a lip product blows me away, but I absolutely love the Rouge à Lèvres which came in the December My Little Box. The packacing is simply beautiful, a pale pink casing with a gold embossed design, although I feel it is let down slightly by the use of cardboard. I can't stand cardboard packaging, as it just does not last! Having said that, Benefit is one of my favourite brands of all time, and they use cardboard packaging for virtually everything.

Anyway, Rouge à Lèvres! The colour definitely intimidated me at first, because (broken record here) bright colours scare me. I don't think I can pull them off, I think if you have anything less than perfect pearly white teeth they can make your teeth appear more yellow, and they make me feel self-conscious. I was about ready to give this away but I decided to try it out first. I was really surprised to find that the colour is much sheerer once applied than it is in the bullet, and although it is quite vibrant, it is certainly a lot more manageable than I had thought. It's not at all drying on the lips, and the finish is akin to that of a lip balm. It really is a lovely lipstick, and has taught me to be a bit more adventurous before I condemn things to the 'THROW AWAY NOW!' bin.
Sorry for the state of my lips, I'm certainly no lip model, but you get the idea.



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