Little Things - Orla Kiely, Little Pots of Deliciousness, and Skincare Magic

Orla Kiely Flask (PR sample)
Working night shifts can be very tiring, sending your body clock all out of sorts and leaving you feeling quite unwell at times. Although I can easily swing in and out of doing night shifts without too much of a problem, I do suffer with tiredness as a result. And when I am tired, I get really cold! People seem to survive on night shifts with endless cups of tea and coffee, but as someone that doesn't drink tea or coffee, I miss out on having hot drinks. Lately I've got into the habit of taking hot fruit cordial into work in my new Orla Kiely flask from Amara, which has just about revolutionised my life (and it's oh-so pretty too)! My drink stays hot for the entire 12 hours, and it's a life saver when I'm sat on a cold ward freezing my socks off. I can't seem to get through a night shift without it now, so this might actually be one of my favourite things of all time.
Little Pots & Co (PR samples)
Little Pots & Co are a range of individual desserts designed by Michelin-starred chefs, which you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home. I was sent two of the new deserts to try out: Little Pot of Salted Caramel, and Vanilla & Chocolate Pot. I am a complete chocoholic, so I imagined these would be right up my street. The salted caramel pot was a good size, despite intially looking at it and thinking it would be good in a single mouthful! It was quite sickly sweet, and dare I say it perhaps even TOO sweet, so a bigger pot would have been too much. I really enjoyed the vanilla and chocolate pot, as not only did it taste delicious and rival any restaurant quality dessert, but it also came in a ceramic pot which is dishwasher-safe and can be reused. Pots & Co do quite the range of desserts for a wide range of tastes, which I will certainly be looking out for next time I'm looking for something a bit fancier than usual. Dinner party anyone?!
Valley Mill Soap (PR sample)
Valley Mill create some delightful 100% natural soaps, with no artificial preservatives or colourings, no animal products, and all are SLS-free. I tried out Orange and Cinnamon, which smells just as delicious as it sounds! I'm not the biggest fan of bars of soap I must admit, as it just feels a little unhygienic to have a bar of soap sitting around collecting hairs and dust, which is used over and over again, as opposed to body wash which is always more fresh. That aside, I really enjoyed using this soap as it smells so great (the cinnamon is really getting me in the festive mood!) and due to the natural ingredients of the soap I don't have to worry about aggravating my eczema, which is always a bonus. If you like natural products, you may want to have a look at the other Valley Mill soaps available here.
Green People Gradual Tan Moisturiser (PR sample)
Green People are one of my favourite brands, due to their use of natural ingredients and the fact that they are a company that is local to me. Green People skincare products, such as moisturisers and cleansers which I use regularly, have really agreed with my skin. Earlier this year, the brand brought out a gradual tan moisturiser, which I must say is pretty damn good. It gives a really natural glow with no strreaks whatsoever, although it requires a couple of applications before you get a good coverage of golden tan. Once you've built up the colour you desire, I find that using this in place of your daily moisturiser once or twice a week is enough to keep your skin looking that little bit warmer.
Witch Skincare (PR samples)
Since I've really upped my exercise game and have been aiming for 5-6 sessions per week, I've noticed that my skin has started to get a lot more blemishes and almost spots. You know those bumps under the skin that don't amount to much, but when you're a picker like me they end up as angry red marks or even worse, scabs. I have a feeling that sweat has a lot to do with me the state of my skin at the moment, but these Witch skincare products have certainly helped me out, especially the Overnight Clearing Serum, which seems to calm my skin by morning, as if by magic!


Tweezerman - Autumn / Winter 2015

Tweezerman are such a fantastic brand for professional-quality makeup tools, and their tweezers are now the only ones I use as I've never found anything that compares. It's not only the unbeatable quality of the tools which sells the Tweezerman brand to me though - it's the great range of different coloured tweezers they offer, with a whole variety of funky patterns and designs. And they even have CHRISTMAS-THEMED TWEEZERS! I bet you didn't even know you needed Christmas-themed tweezers, but I'm telling you they are pretty damn cool! 

Last month, Tweezerman released a whole range of new products across their various retailers, and I am fortunate enough to have the whole Autumn / Winter 2015 range to share with you. Here's what you can now find in store...
LED Lighted 10x / 1x Compact Mirror
This mirror is seriously one of the coolest mirrors, ever. It lights up upon opening, and the 10x magnifying mirror (apart from being absolutely terrifying) makes doing your eyebrows a complete doddle. I no longer need to worry about not being able to find clear enough light to see all of the tiny hairs underneath my brows which need plucking, because this mirror shows up every little thing. You will see things on your face you've never seen before! You can also flip one of the mirrors underneath so that you can have it free-standing, which is pretty handy. I used this to tidy up my brows yesterday, and I was amazed at how clean a finish I managed to achieve!
Onyx Value Set
This monochrome set features a trio of Tweezerman's top-selling favourites, including a set of eyelash curlers, mini tweezers, and a pocket mirror. The mirror is handy to chuck in a makeup bag for on the go, and the tweezers are small enough to neatly sit hidden away inside a small makeup bag, but not so small that they're too fiddly to use.
Candy Apple Red Petite Tweeze Set
This brow duo comes in a gorgeous ruby-red shade, in a slightly smaller size than their full-size counterparts. Alongside the standard slanted tweezers you also get a pointed pair, which are incredibly useful for grabbing those short and stubborn brow hairs that the slanted tweezers can't quite reach. No matter which safe place I try to store my tweezers, they always go missing just when I need them; fortunately, this set comes complete with a matching red storage pouch, so hopefully that should do away with the wandering tweezers problem!
ProMaster Lash Curler
I am not the biggest fan of lash curlers, firstly because my lashes are fairly long naturally and I can get away with just a few coats of mascara, but secondly because I don't trust myself to clamp a set of curlers so close to my eyes. These curlers are slightly different in design to the usual curlers on the market, in that they have been created with deep set eyes in mind. The thin top bar creates an extra wide opening in order to reach a bit further and hopefully grab every last lash.
Fashion Leopard Duo
Now how stylish is this pair of purple leopard print tweezers?! Not only are they super funky, but they're also travel-sized, and come alongside a 10x magnifying mirror. The mirror has suction pads on the back, so you can stick it up on a wall or flat surface, allowing yourself two free hands to tame your brows. I don't know about you, but tweezing always hurts me a lot less when I can use the other hand to stretch my skin taut! 
Glitterati Python Slant Tweezer
Another pair of tweezers in a gorgeous design, this pair are python print AND glittery! The ultimate in girly beauty accessories. These are full-size and feature the award-winning slant design which is synonymous with the Tweezerman brand. These are almost too pretty to use!
Dual Sided Pushy
Finally, another great nail tool from Tweezerman in the form of this dual-ended manicure and pedicure tool. The soft-touch handle provides a secure grip to allow much better control of the tool. The scoop end follows the contour of your cuticles perfectly, allowing you to push back cuticles with ease, and the flatter end allows you to scrape away any stubborn spots of cuticle or skin. This is now an essential tool in my manicure kit, and as always with Tweezerman beauty tools, this is great quality. It also helps that the handle is a lovely lilac colour!

What do you think of Tweezerman's newest releases?
Is there anything you hope to try?

Likes and Loves for Autumn

Autumn is well and truly here, and although I like to drag the Summer on for as long as possible (I'd rather wear flip-flops and have my toes freeze and turn blue than have to wear socks), there are a few things I do actually like about the Autumn. I like being able to layer clothes, I like being able to wear novelty socks and warm snuggly boots and woolly tights, I like scarves that feel like blankets, and I LOVE duvet days. I like being able to use a hot water bottle, I like spending all day long in my pjyamas, and I love a big ol' mug of hot choc.
I like to change my makeup a little for the Autumn, as by this time my Summer tan has just about faded (although thanks to some late October sun in Egypt I look far more healthy than I usually would at this time of year!), and I need shades that are going to complement my paler tones and brighten my face up, without washing me out. My fail-safe eye makeup comes in the form of the Urban Decay Naked Palette, and in my opinion you just can't beat the original Naked palette. The combination of colours you can achieve from this is endless, which is why I love it so much. On my cheeks I like to use the Physician's Formula Happy Booster Glow and Mood Boosting Blush, because the colours are quite subtle and so give my cheeks a little flush of pink without going overboard. The plant extracts in this blusher apparently promote happiness, but that couldn't sound more like a gimmick if it wanted to!
I used to despite fake tan, but over the last few years I've realised I'd much rather look after my skin and fake a bronzed glow in the Summer, so why not carry that over into Autumn / Winter. Rimmel's Sun Shimmer Instant Tan and Gradual Glow is a great product, because not only does it give you an instant shimmer which can be washed off at the end of the day, it also has gradual tanner in it which will carry on working. Who doesn't love a double whammy product?! I find Benefit's Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation (PR sample) to be the perfect shade for my pasty skin, and the coverage is just right. I don't like anything heavy as I can't stand the feeling of my skin being trapped under layers of makeup, if you know what I mean! Hello Flawless does just the trick. 
My favourite scent of all time has to be Hugo Boss for Men. I've loved it for years, but only wear it in the Winter because it's quite a heavy scent for the Summer, when I prefer to wear something light and floral. The men's version smells so much better than any of the female versions, and it brings back so many memories of happy times for me. 

Another cheek product I quite like is Revlon's Photoready Blush in Flushed Rougissant, something which I prefer to use if I'm going out of an evening. This is very well pigmented, so I apply a small amount to the apples of my cheeks and then blend like fury with my Real Techniques blending or buffing brush.
Tommy Tou are specialist manufacturers of ladies' sheepskin gloves, slippers, hats, and headbands. Tommy Tou offered to send me one of their products ready for the Autumn chill, and I received this baby pink long fur headband (PR sample). They come in a one-size fits all, with a discreet elastic to ensure the headband stays put. I must admit I was slightly terrified when I saw the headband, as pink is definitely not my colour and this is not an accessory I'd usually wear. However, I'm all for venturing out of my comfort zone and this will no doubt come in very handy for my next skiing trip; on snowy holidays I am rarely seen without a hat, as I just can't bear having a cold head or cold ears! When it comes to comfort over fashion, comfort wins any day for me! This headband is incredibly soft, and I was rather surprised to find that it fits me perfectly, given that I usually have to buy hats and glasses from the childrens' departments as my head seems to abnormally small! Tommy Tou have some great, cosy-looking mittens and slippers, which I'd definitely for this cold weather.