Silk Oil of Morocco's Fibre Brow Enhancer *

If there's one item of makeup I'll never get sick of, it's eyebrow products. I wear something on my eyebrows every single day. Other bits of makeup I can happily do without, but eyebrows are important! My face looks instantly less 'I couldn't be bothered to make any effort' if I just tidy up my brows, so most work days, that's all I do, and I'm happy with that. You know when you see those random questions such as 'what three items would you take with you to a dessert island'? Well, one of my items would be a brow product. It wouldn't help in terms of keeping hunger at bay, preventing sun burn whilst floating in the middle of the ocean, or keeping me amused whilst awaiting rescue. It would, however, ensure that my brows look fab and my face less revolting. And you know when people say 'brows on fleek'? I HATE that. With an absolute passion. What a stupid phrase! Anyway, I digress...
Silk Fibre Brow Enhancer*, as you can imagine, does exactly as it says on the metaphorical tin. It acts as an instant brush-on brow extension, whilst adding a tint of your desired shade. Silk Oil of Morocco say the following:
"This incredible must have beauty product is designed to fill, sculpt, thicken and define over-plucked, thinning or fair eyebrows. Tiny fibres work in conjunction with an ultra fine coloured powder to instantly enhance the natural brow and help to achieve desired brow shape."
Fibre Brow Enhancer is available in five shades, from extra light to extra dark. I often find that brow products are too warm in tone for my dark, cool-toned brows, but this product couldn't have been a better match. Application is easy enough, as you simply use the sponge applicator to stroke through the brows starting from the thickest part at the inner brow, and turn the applicator on its edge to apply the product to the tail of the brow. Simple enough in theory, although ridiculously messy, as you can see from the picture below. I made the mistake of applying this after applying the rest of my makeup, and ended up with fibres falling down my cheeks. Clearly the trick is to do your brows first, although I like to leave them until last as they're my favourite bit - save the best 'til last and all that!
On application I can't say that I noticed any of the fibres staying put, and when I think about it now, I can't see why they would. The product is a mixture of fibres and tinted powder, so in theory there's nothing to adhere the fibres to your own brow hairs. What you are left with, however, is super tinted brows due to the powder remaining on the skin underneath your brows. Application was nice and easy for the thicker part of my brow, but when it came to the arch and the tail end, the sponge applicator was simply too thick to offer any kind of precision. I ended up looking like I'd just dabbed an eyeshadow all over my brow area and made no attempts to clean it up. I have tried the Fibre Brow Enhancer several times, and have ended up with the same result - the only way to get a clean finish is to use a cotton bud soaked in makeup remover to neaten up the edges. 

For someone with thick, chunky, full-bodied brows, I can see this being a wonder product. But for someone like me with thinner brows, the concept is slightly wasted. 

Silk Oil of Morocco's Fibre Brow Enhancer is available online at a number of websites, including Amazon, as well as in store at Boots. It retails at £19.99, which is said to give at least 120 applications.


Aussie Haircare

Aussie hair products are some of my absolute favourite, and in my uni days I would stock up on the Three Minute Miracle treatment when it was on special offer as it worked wonders on detangling my hair, which at the time was the longest it has ever been. The products are a bit on the pricier side, but for the quality and effectiveness I think they're definitely worth it. I was lucky enough to win some Aussie hair products on a Twitter giveaway a couple of months ago, so I've got quite the little stash to get through, including some Aussie products I have never tried before.
+ Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-in Conditioner
I often use T-Gel on my hair as I suffer from dandruff, but when I do use it my hair gets incredibly tangled. A few sprays of leave-in conditioner mean I can actually get a comb through my hair without damaging it. I love Aussie's leave-in conditioner because it smells deliciously fruity, and doesn't leave a greasy residue which I've found with some other brands.

+ Miracle Moist Shampoo and Conditioner
I've not noticed anything particularly special about Aussie's standard shampoo and conditioner, and so I wouldn't pay out in future for this brand over others when just buying the basics. Both products are great and do just fine, I just don't see that they have any advantage over cheaper shampoos. 

+ Take the Heat 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment
The product that first got me onto the Aussie brand, 3 Minute Miracle is a wonder product. I use it maybe once a week to give my hair a big boost of nourishment. I tend to comb this through my hair in the shower and leave it for 5-10 minutes before rinsing. This smells as yummy as the leave-in conditioner, so it's always a treat to use, and I always notice a considerable difference in the finish of my hair.
+ Miracle Hairspray Shine and Hold
To me, hairspray is hairspray. I can get away with the cheapo supermarket own brands most of the time, but if I need extra heavy hold, I must admit that more expensive hairsprays do have the edge. Aussie's hairspray has fantastic hold, and I'd definitely use it again for things such as special occasions when I need to curl my hair.
+ Dual Personality Curl Definition and Soft Feel Serum
With dead straight and rather flat hair, I definitely don't need a curl definition product. However, I do love serums as I find them great for smoothing over split ends after heat styling, and this one is just as good as any others I've tried. 
+ Miracle Beach Waves
I am yet to try Miracle Beach Waves, but with my thin and lifeless hair I am always on the quest for products that will give me some volume. I am definitely intrigued to try it and see how it fares compared to other salt sprays I've tried, and with a brand like Aussie I have high hopes!
Do you use any Aussie haircare products? Which are your favourites?

Out with the Old, in with the New

Since starting this blog, originally as an outlet for beauty reviews, I have amassed a ridiculous amount of makeup, most of which I will never actually manage to get through. Where previously I went for cheap and cheerful products and lots of them, these days I'd much rather slightly more expensive but better quality items. Up until now I've always had a problem with chucking products away, as I can't help thinking about the monetary equivalent of them all, and end up telling myself 'I can't chuck this away, I've spent money on it!'. However, I've recently realised that whether I've spent money on something or not, if I'm not actually going to use it, there's no point hanging onto it. Once I managed to get over that hurdle, I've found it incredibly satisfying to chuck things away. Mascaras that no longer 'pop' on opening? Bin them. Lush products that are past their use by date? Chuck.
The items that finally got me round to sorting through my stash, were these MUA cream blushers. I owned all of the cream blushers MUA have released to date, and although I used them regularly when I first got them, I've since discovered blushers that have a much nicer consistency and apply a lot easier. I saw the Makeup Revolution cream blush palette and loved it when I swatched it in store, and realised that this one palette could replace the previous blush singles I had. I know the logic is a little flawed - replace six cheap blushers with six slightly more expensive ones, but the quality is ten times better, and the palette will be perfect for travelling with. 
I am by no means a hoarder, but I find it very difficult to part with things that I've spent my hard-earned money on - I hate waste! However, this little exercise has kick-started a major cull of my beauty stash and I'm actually quite enjoying it. I had about 12 masaras, some of which had already been opened, and got rid of any that were over a year old (I am well aware of the three month rule with mascaras, but I'm a rebel), and those that just didn't work for me. For instance, I had been clinging onto one cheap mascara which just made my eyes burn and tingle every time I wore it, but refused to chuck it away. I've also gone through my eyeshadow palettes, and gotten rid of around ten MUA palettes which I no longer need thanks to my beloved Urban Decay ones doing a much better job.
I'm certainly enjoying this excuse to have a clear out, and am hoping to empty out at least one of the drawers from my IKEA unit, to make way for other (non-beauty) things. I've not bought any hair products for about six months now, and intend to continue that until I've got through everything I possibly can. Next stop, skincare products will be whittled down, although this means I actually have to get back into the habit of completing my skincare routine every day - this could be a struggle!