Makeup Revolution's The One Blush Stick - Too Much Pigmentation?

Is there such a thing as too much pigmentation? A question I found myself pondering after I recently placed a Makeup Revolution order. I have loved everything I've tried so far from the range (with the exception of one of their makeup brushes which didn't fare well at all) and so expected to really love the The One Blush Sticks, said to be a dupe for the NARS Multiples. I can't resist a dupe for a high-end product, as a cheapskate like me needs to get high end kicks at a more purse-friendly price where possible!
I picked up one of the matte shades, Rush, as I hoped this would be a good peachy-coral shade to take me into the Summer months where (hopefully) I'll have a bit more of a tan. I did that blogger thing and swatched it onto my hand first, and couldn't believe how pigmented it was! I tentatively swiped it across my cheek and looked like I'd slapped on some war paint. I rubbed at it furiously to try and soften the edges, but the colour was still far too overpowering. I tried applying again by swiping a bit of the colour onto a brush and then stippling onto my cheeks, but that still didn't look too great. Finally, someone advised on Twitter to apply it wet, and so far that's the only way I've managed to achieve a wearable colour.

So in a nutshell, in my mind too much pigmentation is a bad thing. I'd rather have a poorly pigmented product which allows me to build up colour to get the desired shade I want, rather than a product such as this, as it's much harder to undo product! That being said, there is something I really like about this product, even if it does take a little bit of work.



Confessions of a Beauty Blogger

As someone who writes about beauty and likes to keep up to the date with the latest beauty trends, tips, and advice, I must admit when it comes to my own beauty routines I am a disgraceful beauty blogger. I imagine all beauty bloggers to have a 12-step cleansing routine, morning, noon and night, with permanently perfectly manicured nails and eye brows to die for. Unfortunately, that beauty blogger isn't me!
1. Pedicures get done when they really really need doing. I very rarely use nail varnish remover as I use the lesser-known technique of waiting until all of my nail varnish has come off, before doing my nails again, as evidenced by the picture above (sorry for the feet picture for those of you that are anti-feet!). 
2. I maybe cleanse my face about once a week. When my skin starts looking tired and grey, I start cleansing again. The routine lasts all of about three days before it stops again.
3. Toner? What's the point of toner! I don't understand what it's for, and I am loathe to add another step to any skincare routine. I feel there are limits, and before you know it you've cleansed, toned, cleansed, toned, cleansed again and applied five different serums. There needs to be a limit!
4. My brows are the most important part of my face, yet I only tidy them up when they are crazily out of control. Laziness prevents me from daily upkeep of the little slugs.
5. I remove my makeup late at night with wet wipes. SHOCK HORROR. 
6. I usually only paint the nails on my left hand, and perfectly so. The right hand just has to go bare as my left hand is pretty naff at nail painting - nowhere near enough control and dexterity!
7. I have a tonne of foundations in my stash, but it's something I wear about twice a month maximum. I hate my face feeling trapped and caked in, so only dig out the foundation for big occasions.
8. I keep my makeup LONG past its recommended 'chuck away' date. I've read all the tips that say you should chuck out mascara three months after opening, but I can't bear to throw away perfectly good makeup that's cost me money. I'd rather risk the eye infections.
9. I love to squeeze spots and blackheads. Often to the extent that I end up with red welts across my face, but it's SO satisfying. But so bad. I know I shouldn't do it - oh well!
10. I dip-dye my own hair, and then get too embarrassed to admit it to my hairdresser, and blame it on another hairdresser (who doesn't actually exist). 
What beauty sins are you guilty of? 


Contouring Palettes - Hits & Misses

My contouring obsession continues - ever on a quest to find the perfect product which will allow me get perfectly contoured and chiselled cheeks with no effort whatsoever - I'm really not asking for much! I've got a huge stash of single bronzers, but I much prefer those which come as part of a palette as it's just far more convenient to have a blusher and / or highlighter alongside, particularly when it comes to travel.
I initially bought this product for a holiday a couple of years back, as at that point I didn't have any contouring palettes and thought it would be easier for my travel makeup bag. I really struggled with it at first though, as brushes just didn't seem to pick up any colour from the pans for the first few uses, and it wasn't until I scraped a layer from the top of each pan that finally I could get some colour pay-off. The tops of the pans seemed to have a film over them which stopped me from getting any results. I couldn't understand why anyone raved about Sleek palettes! However, since that point I've been impressed with the matte bronzer, and Sleek's Rose Gold blusher it just so flattering, whether I'm pale as a ghost or got a bit of a summer glow The highlighter is okay too, so this palette certainly deserves the high praise it receives.
This is one of my favourite bronzers of all time, said to be a dupe for the infamous NARS Laguna bronzer. Sadly ELF has since cleared all of their stock out so this is no longer available, so instead of repurchasing this I'll have to go for the actual NARS version! I love the blusher and bronzer within one compact, and although the bronzer has some shimmer in it, it is still great for contouring. The shimmer is subtle and doesn't detract from the colour itself.
This is one contouring kit that I really haven't been able to get on board with. It looked great online, but when it arrived I couldn't believe how dark and muddy the bronzer was, how yellow in tone the highlighter was, and that the blusher was a metallic bronze shade. Who wears blusher that shade?! Admittedly it is probably better suited for people with much darker skin tones, but for me this was a complete fail. You can read my original review here.
Perhaps my favourite of all the palettes I own, Urban Decay's Naked Flushed palettes are an absolute delight. The shades are all beautiful in their own right, but when swirled together they are even better and make the most perfect shade for sunkissed Summer skin. I don't understand why the bronzer is so much bigger than the blusher, but never mind!
Which contouring products do you swear by? Have you found any palettes that really do the job?


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