A Festive Manicure with Tweezerman

Who would have thought that Tweezerman do any products other than tweezers?! I certainly didn't realise until fairly recently, when I was lucky enough to become a Tweezerman ambassador, and excited I was too! I was sent a huge selection of tools to try out, some so alien-looking that I couldn't even work out what they were for, so I figured the best way to try out my arsenal of shiny new tools was to give myself a festive manicure.
This time around, my nails needed a serious tidy-up as they'd been neglected for quite some time (I get lazy)! I gave them a quick trim using the Stainless Steel Nail Scissors (not the brow scissors, which I've photographed above!) and filed them into my usual short and stumpy shape using the Neon Filemate. After a generous helping of cuticle oil, I used the Pushy and Nail Cleaner to tidy up my cuticles. These tools are so sturdy and well-made - they are quite a weight and so are much easier to handle than flimsier tools. The Grip and Snip Spring Cuticle Nipper is quite a bizarre looking thing, but is a complete revelation to me! In the past I have tidied up my cuticles and pushed them back with an orange stick, only to be left with excess and not knowing what to do with it. That's where the cuticle nippers come in - what an amazing invention! The handle is spring loaded, making the nipping motion as easy as it could possibly be.
Given that December is the time for glitzy nails (the gaudier the better), I decided to go for Rimmel's Precious Stones Nail Polish in Ruby Red. Glitters are great as you don't have to worry so much about smudging the finish, and as they are a bugger to remove, they tend to chip much less than usual polishes! This ruby red is a particular favourite of mine, as the polish is completely packed with glitter and requires just two coats to get maximum coverage.

*All Tweezerman items sent to me as part of the Tweezerman Ambassador Scheme



Birthdays in Your Mid-20s

As today marks my birthday (a little past my mid-20s, but who need know?!) I thought I would share some of the varying thoughts I've had over the years with each passing birthday. It's a well-known fact that birthdays get less and less exciting the older you get, and here are some of my innermost musings...

ONE // The number of people that actually remember your birthday each year significantly dwindles. From being at school when everyone wishes you a Happy Birthday (maybe something to do with the badge you're wearing and the helium balloon your friends insist you carry around all day), to thinking 'Why does no one know it's my birthday?!' You're allowed to act like a spoiled brat on your birthday, right?!
TWO // You wonder why you have to go to work on your birthday. Can't I just stay in my pyjmas all day, eating cake and wallowing in my own self-pity? 
THREE // Trying to think of another fun way to celebrate your birthday becomes a chore rather than an excitement. Trying to balance the needs of your mixed friendship group and keep everyone happy becomes a logistical nightmare. In the end, you think: 'Shall I just not bother?!'

FOUR // When you're that bit younger, you don't need an excuse or a big birthday to celebrate in a big way. When you hit your mid-20s, celebrating in an overly ostentatious way is not to be done until you hit your next big milestone - 30. *shudder*

FIVE // You get an onslaught of cards which mock your age, and remind you that you're not getting any younger. The first few are funny, and then it just becomes a sad excuse to take a long, hard, look at your life, and wonder why you haven't hit as many goals as you should have. 

SIX // You struggle to get your head around the fact that 10 years ago (a DECADE!), you were full of excitement at the fact that you finally got your little green provisional licence, and could learn to drive. Freeeedooom! Where have those ten years gone?!

SEVEN // Birthday presents quickly become more and more practical. Rather than the lovingly selected trinkets and goodies from family members, you begin to get practical items such as hoovers, and car batteries (yes, really). And any birthday money that you may have kindly been given, gets swallowed up by bills and debts, rather than giving you an excuse to go shopping.

EIGHT // Not only does the question: 'how old are you?' become more and  more offensive as the years go by, it actually becomes harder and harder to answer. Am I 24? No, that was last year. 25? No, that can't be right. Hang on, what year was I born? The years all seem to blur into one.
My innermost thoughts are scary, aren't they?! Have you any birthday musings to add to the list?


The Importance of Brows with Tweezerman

The most important bit of any face of makeup, in my opinion, is the brows. I could quite happily go out bare-faced, as being makeup-free has never bothered me. However, I do prefer to have perfectly groomed brows. I was guilty of plucking them into thin, straight lines as a teenager when I first discovered a pair of tweezers, and spent the next few years growing them back. Whilst at university I managed to get them into the perfect shape, but since then they appear to have gone wayward again. I'm not sure whether it's the fact that I am too lazy to pluck the stray hairs every day like I once used to, or that I've accidentally over-plucked at some point. Anyway, rambling aside. Today I decided it was finally time to attack my brows.
As you can see, my brows were in an awful state this morning, as I had left it over a month to even touch them. I was not far from having a monobrow, and the shape had virtually disappeared. What a mess! Here's how I go about taming them...
ONE // I use the Tweezerman Brow Shaping Brush to brush the hairs into some semblance of a brow shape, paying close attention to the hairs at the start of the brow. I like to brush the hairs upwards, so that I can identify the long and straggly ones which needs trimming.

TWO // Using a pair of Tweezerman Brow Shaping Scissors, I carefully trim a bit off the length of the start of my brows. I do a small amount at a time to ensure I don't take too much off - spikey brows are not a good look!
THREE // Now some might find this a strange way to do things, but I like to fill my brows in before I do any plucking. I do this to ensure that I don't pluck too much away; as my brows are sparse in places, I like to only remove the hairs which are extra once my brows are filled, else I run the risk of taking away too much. I fill in with the GOSH Long Lasting Brow Pen.

FOUR // I then use the Tweezerman Slant Tweezers, which are absolutely amazing! I've not used anything other than Tweezerman for a couple of years now, and definitely wouldn't go back to anything else.
FIVE // For any stubborn or shorter hairs which are much harder to get, I follow up with the Tweezerman Slant Tweezers. They are so precise, and really do pick up the tiniest of hairs which usually I would have to skim over.

SIX // Finally, I lightly run through my brows with the Tweezerman Brow Mousse, to set them into shape. They might need a going over with a bit of brow powder, but usually I find that the brow pen has done enough. And then it's time to repeat the whole process for the other brow!
*I received the Tweezerman items as part of the Tweezerman ambassador scheme



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