9 Thoughts on Being Vertically Challenged

ONE // Maxi dresses and skirts are virtually a no-go (I was very lucky with the one in the picture!). Clothes never fit properly, and you are forever having to hem your own trousers and skirts. Buying jeans is a nightmare, as whatever fits squeezes your internal organs, and if it fits your waist it'll skim your ankles. The petite sections in store offer only a handful of pieces to choose from - why, oh why?!

TWO // Knee-high boots end up being thigh-highs, and unflatteringly so, and ankle boots become knee-high boots. You just. Can't. Win.

THREE // You will forever be looking up at people, as everyone you come across will tower over you. It'll drive you mad when people talk across the top of you because you're that much shorter, but when you wear heels you actually find that you feel oddly self-conscious being anything other than your vertically challenged self.

FOUR // When having a picture taking with someone taller than you, they will crouch down to your level, making your feel even smaller than you already are, with the resulting photo making you look like a small child.

FIVE // On the plus side, you can sometimes get away with children's sizes. This can mean some slightly quirkier choices in clothes, and the inevitable bonus of children's clothes = cheaper clothes.

SIX // People will think nothing of cooing over how small you are and accompanying it with an 'awww'. They won't see how offensive it is to question your age given your small frame, yet you'd never find those people going up to overweight people and saying 'Wow! Gosh you're fat.'

SEVEN // You will never have to question whether that pair of heels you've got your eye on will make you too tall - you can get away with the chunkiest of heels and still be smaller than the men!

EIGHT // Standing in crowds will be a nightmare at times. At gigs in particular, the elbows will come out in force to barge your way to the front. You'll be grateful for a taller and stronger friend who can hoist you up on their shoulders, and equally grateful that God gave you two elbows to put to good use.

NINE // You can curl up into the smallest of spaces, and don't ever seem to have a hard time getting cosy. Leg room on aeroplanes is never a problem, and you don't have to worry about your legs hanging out of the end of the bed. But you'll always be grateful to tall friends for helping you get those hard-to-reach items off the top shelf!

Can you identify with any of these things? Let me know if you're a fellow shortie! x



10 Highly Recommended for 2015

I have discovered so many lovely blogs over the past year, and thought it about time to share just a few. I couldn't possibly list all of my favourite reads as there are so many, but I must say that over the last few months I have gravitated more towards lifestyle and fashion blogs than beauty blogs. I have found myself wanting to write more lifestyle content, having initially started out with a passion for beauty, so my choice in blog reads certainly reflects that. The blogs I have listed below are some of the ones that I consistently read every single post, and even a new male blog that I have discovered - enjoy! Also, please leave me a link of your current favourite blog read and share the love.
Lauren Loves Blog // www.laurenlovesblog.co.uk
Skinnedcartree // www.skinnedcartree.com
Behind These Closed Eyes // www.behindtheseclosedeyes.com
A Rosie Outlook // www.arosieoutlook.com
The Classic Male // www.theclassicmale.co.uk
Rock and Glitter // www.rockandglitter.co.uk
Becky Bedbug // www.beckybedbug.com
Cosmetics, Shopping & Intoxication // www.cosmeticsshoppingandintoxication.blogspot.com
Rush & Teal // www.rushandteal.co.uk



MUA Pro-Base Argan Plush Concealer

A pre-Christmas wander around the shops resulted in me picking up a few too many things that I really didn't need - the Christmas music and frivolity always makes it much easier for me to part with my hard-earned cash. On this particular occasion, this concealer jumped into my basket, after having a nightmare with my previous Maybelline Fit Me which seemed to leak everywhere, every single time I used it, even if it had been constantly propped upright. This one seemed a much better bet as there's no chance of it leaking.
This concealer is so buttery soft, it just melts straight into the skin. It's a great multipurpose product, as not only as it good for concealing and brightening the under eye area, it's perfect for hiding imperfection, as well as for contouring. Due to the stick form, you can be really precise with your application, so contouring with it is very effective. I picked up the lightest colour, and the shade match is perfect. It blends into the skin virtually indetectable. To say I'm impressed with the Argan Plush Concealer is perhaps an understatment! If you're looking for a cheap and cheerful concealer I'd definitely recommend getting down to Superdrug and trying this one out.



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