October Favourites

1. The Balm's Mary Lou-Manizer Highlighter
2. Bare Minerals SPF Mineral Foundation
3. The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzer Fair Matte *
4. The Body Shop Colour Crush Eye Shadow Gold Rosemance *
5. Shu Uemura Tsuya Skin *
6. Deborah Milano Terra Lumi-Nature Bronzer *
7. Barry M Lip Stain Shade 1 *
8. Benefit Coralista
9. MUA Matte Palette Ever After



Going Makeup Free

I was a very late starter when it came to wearing makeup; at university the only time I wore makeup was on a night out, and usually that would only consist of mascara and blusher, and a tidy-up of my brows. It was only when I started reading blogs, and then blogging myself around two years ago, that makeup started to feature more heavily. I find that most days that I wear makeup, it's because I enjoy the process of applying makeup rather than having a need to wear it. I find it so relaxing to sit and try out new products. Not only that, but with the huge stash of products I have, I need to start using some things up!

Recently however, I have been making a concerted effort to go without makeup more often. I don't have a problem with going bare-faced, and think it is so important to allow our skin time to breathe. Not only that, but we should all learn to be comfortable in our own skin. It also means that on those occasions we do wear makeup, the transformation can be much more remarkable! My brows are sparse in places and need some filling in, my face is red in places, and my cheekbones are virtually non-existant. But those are the flaws I need to embrace. So here's to being makeup free, more often than not - go on, give it a go! 



Sinful Colors: Daredevil

I find it difficult to resist the lure of a bargain product, so when Sinful Colors first hit the UK and selected Boots stores, I grabbed quite a few. At £1.99, it would have been rude not to! I really liked the look of this bright pink, but surprised myself that I picked up a metallic pink. It is certainly not a 'me' colour, but I thought I should venture out of my comfort zone. I would usually associate metallic colours, especially pinks, with the tween me, but I actually quite like Daredevil. At the low price, the quality isn't the greatest, 2-3 coats is required for decent coverage, and the polish gets gloopy fairly quickly. However, given that I never use up an entire bottle of polish before getting rid of it, that's fine by me.



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